Q: How do I go about putting a system in place?

A: We will come and survey your site and provide you with a report detailing the lines and signs required to make the location legally enforceable. We can also identify requirements for permits, pay and display machines, scratch cards etc. We will provide an implementation plan and options for staffing subject to planning permission and any major civil works that may be required

Q: Do you charge a monthly or annual fee for using your service?

A: Our pricing structure is flexible to suit your requirements and can include investment for capital expenditure. There are options for management fees, transaction fees or revenue share or elements of each.

Q: Have you experience of providing this service elsewhere and how do I know you are a reputable company?

A: We currently provide this service to over 50 clients nationwide including Housing Organisations, Universities, Hospitals and private landlords. We will be happy to provide contact details for any of our clients operating in a similar sector or environment as you.

We provide detailed monthly management reports in accordance with your specific requirements and all revenue received or collected from pay and display machines can be banked directly to your bank account or our client account as you require.

Q: Who deals with disputes and appeals from the motorist?

A: We deal with all telephone queries, disputes, correspondence and payments. All challenges are dealt with in accordance with your policies – you set the rules (and you can change them) and we manage the facility in accordance with your policies. Cases which are deemed to be particularly sensitive or of a very unusual nature will be referred to the client for consideration and guidance.

Q: I have reported a vehicle in error, can I cancel this CPN?

A: Yes, please let us know as soon as possible and certainly before the expiry of the 14 day discount period.

Q: How long does it take to get a location up and running?

A: Subject to a location requiring pay and display machines for which there is a 12 week lead time otherwise a location can be up and running within 6 weeks of the purchase order being issued.